Quality, Safety, Innovation
Received the 2016 Taipei International Innovation Invention Competition Gold Medal.

Amigo has been inherited from Taiwan for nearly 20 years, and cosmetics manufacturers are pursuing a high-quality spirit.

Internal professional R & D team to find professionals, senior pharmacists as product development consultants to ensure the safety of each product and high-end technology research and development of a number of biotechnology and chemistry Ph.D.

Actively cooperate with high-quality colleges, and apply academic theory to industrial development. It is also honored to receive the 2016 Taipei International Innovation and Invention Competition Gold Medal.

The production line has international standard hardware equipment, and the rigorous process control only provides high quality products to consumers, so that consumers can use them with peace of mind.

Armigo divides products into hairdressing and skin care

Designed for the hairdressing products, the brand “FA HWANG” provides safer hair dyes and scalp care as a market segment, which also means our persistence and innovation in product quality.
Designed for skin care, the product is designed to cover a wide range of needs, basic moisturizing, whitening, and even deeper firmness, prevent aging, etc.